The Jewell House is owned and operated by Wayne and Suzanne Barnes.  Suzanne has a background in design as well as experience coordinating events for a boutique winery in Woodinville, WA before moving to Georgia.

In 2014 we set out to find the "perfect place" for a rural wedding venue.  After many weekends spent searching historic properties, Wayne was ready to give up but Suzanne persisted.  She originally located our property on Zillow and then visited it by herself.  Wayne fell in love with it on the next visit and plans began to be formed.

We built the Pavilion in 2015 and hosted our first wedding there, for our own daughter, just days after the floor was poured.   We've been better prepared since that time.  

In 2016 we built the Riverwalk Barn, using wood sourced from the property to make all of the siding.   We have had dozens of weddings, showers, birthday parties and other events there since.

In 2017, Suzanne's design flair came into play again with The Nave.  What's a nave?  Well in our case, it's an outdoor stage, overlooking a pond, reminiscent of a church, but with unique character all its own.  It is by far our most popular wedding site!

In recent years we have continued to enhance the buildings and grounds.  Most recently we installed two massive chandeliers in the barn, replacing the charming candelabra that we'd managed to catch on fire a time or two.  No more of that.

Our greatest joy is in seeing people enjoy the spaces that we have created and begin building memories here.   We have a couple of families that have had a wedding here, held a baby shower a few years later, then did a first birthday party.   The Jewell House has become a part of their family history, and nothing could be more satisfying.

We look forward to working with you to create special memories.  We hope to see you soon.

Wayne and Suzanne